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Rapids Camp Sagana

Impromptu holiday tour !

Have you ever thought of an imprompt tour adventure for your family ? This has happened during this Easter Holiday ? ‘Many may ask how it is possible to do a family adventure without a good plan first ? As a writer of this article, the story of Ken  has  made it clear that you can wake up in the morning and just decide an adventure safari without putting alot of time in to planning first ?  Ken suggested to that the more you plan for your adventure holiday in Kenya the more complicated it becomes? Personally I hadn’t seen it that way for what Kenneth called an imprompt tour package .Ken visited Rapids Camp during Easter holiday. This is how it happened? They were to visit  the latest mall  around Ruaka at the outskirts of the city of Nairobi for there Easter holiday . Apon arriving there, Ken discovered the place was limited in terms of activities for the kids. Ken also discovered that options were limited on what would best suit the family in moderm mall. He discovered it was not quality family time out there, but, a shopping spree? It is said in most families,children influence holiday destination,either the abilty to chose à particular destination for a family is mostly decided n’y teens. Thats how Ken ended up at sagana RAPIDS CAMP.  To make it easier as a family they decided to buy extra cloth for everyone to use in the few days they were to be out of town ? Ken was to thé purchase cheap new clothes along the way .The total in Ksh that Ken ended spending was far much less that his previous expérience that  he spend in a hotel.

White Water Rafting Kenya

White Water Rafting Kenya

What Ken noted is that adventure joints have better and more fulfilling activities that in normal hotels in Kenya. What Kens family ended in, was to participate in many more affordable activities. Kens story is à big inspiration to many.Kenyans who spend alot of time planning adventure tours , or à safari expérience like the exemple of ‘Ken story’ is à good lession to everyone that  needs to plan an adventure package . Sagana has what it takes to make sure that you get a simple and best holiday deal  possible? Please you dont need to plan for a year, a day is enough ?


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