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Adrenaline Junkie Kenya

Breath-taking Experience @ Rapids

Kenyas No 1 Adventure Camp And Adrenaline Junky

Do you get a rush from doing terrifyingly thrilling activities? Perhaps you get undeniable pleasure from performing near death stunts that most people fear to do? Or maybe living on the edge is what gets your juices pumping? Then you are an adrenaline junkie and the best place for you to feel thrillingly at home is at Rapids Camp where there is a variety of ground and river activities that will keep the adrenalin coursing through your veins.


The Plunge

The risky 40 ft jump down the waterfalls – the largest in Kenya, best for corporate team building or fun groups in Kenya, the dizzying whirlpool on grade 3 rapids and the hurling Sagana glides should trigger your rush!. Get in to serious business with the exciting rafting and kayaking activities on grade 2  to 5 rapids  that will keep the adrenaline pumping and make you feel fully alive.

If you are still raring to go, try out bungee jumping Sagana, dropping 60m in one big swoop. To get your system down slow, go on the scary night walk on the hippo route in Sagana where you never know which wild animal could also be taking its evening walk in search of its evening meal before you sleep right next to the roaring mighty Rapids waterfalls at the camp, and this this very good for Corporate team building, families or tourist in Kenya.No dout Kenya’s leading adventure activities and Camp site!

If it’s a rush you want; come to the adrenaline haven at Rapids Camp!
The adrenaline rush is good for folks working under pressure like Corporates, Churches, Organized groups, Friends, Families, Team Buildings and Universities or even Secondary and Primary Schools in Kenya.Participate,get the rush ,do not become a spectator ,Sagana  gives you the only option in Kenya

The Rapids Camp Experience

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