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The Largest Campsite in Kenya Accommodating more than 800 People

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The Largest Campsite in Kenya Accommodating 800 People

Are you looking for fun and adventure in Kenya? Rapids Camp is not only a camp but also an attraction for tourist and residents. Our major attraction is our beautiful irresistible waterfall, rocks within the camp, and amazing rapids not found easily and our manicured lawns.

Adventure in  Kenya at the Rapids Camp

  1. We provide excellent Camping , Picnic & Water Sport  facilities in Sagana, Kenya.
  2. Our expansive manicured lawns are  best for picnic groups .
  3. We promise what we have, team building grounds  and activities are one of the  best in Kenya.Try our irresistible adventure no 1 deals packages in Sagana Kenya.
  4. Our staff are mostly Kenyan, which is empowerment of the locals  and proof that Kenyans can run adventure  for Kenyans and make Kenya the leading adventure destination in Africa.


Established in the year 2006, Rapids camp has worked closely with other tourism partners in the industry to give our clients the best service possible.

We have a highly skilled local team with experience in the field of tourism and internationally renowned principals in the field of handling clientele. We at Rapids Camp guarantee our esteemed clients back up and support in helping you to meet your team building idea and vision in Kenya. Our experienced staff is always on toes to provide guided adventures in Kenya including water rafting, mountain climbing, rock climbing, cliff climbing, team building and guided safaris to worldwide travel adventurers. We offer services with some aspiration of passion in Kenya. The environment is unique, which makes the site suitable for experiential learning in Kenya.

We have a large client base ranging from corporate bodies, who come for adventure and team building, friends, families, and organizations like schools and universities from all over Kenya. Many organized groups believe that our camp is unmatched in Kenya. During the 2008 Olympic Qualifiers that we hosted, the Olympic Board of Africa christened us as the most amazing site of the year 2008. This was after we hosted the first-ever kayaking championship /Olympic Qualifier for Africa.  We also pride ourselves in the Rapids Camp Falls, which is a favorite natural hotspot attraction for locals and travelers in Kenya. Combined with small great canyons and steep gorges curved on the Sagana river, grade 5 rapids and boulders geographically places, Rapids Camp is a leading adventure and team building spot in Kenya.

Sometimes Rapids Camp is called “The Adrenaline Camp” due to the intensive adrenaline stimulating activity.  It is also one of the best spectacular view sites.  When Camping at Rapids Camp, Ask for the sunrise walk or moonlight walk and breakfast by the waterfall.  Visit us for a camping expedition next to the amazing Rapids waterfalls and enjoy the fabulous roar. We are also famous for 40 ft plunge and waterfall challenge. We provide our services to private or corporate clients making us a thrill and a useful partner in the tour industry. Due to our low overheads, we will provide quality services at competitive rates. While in Kenya, whether for picnic or camping, Rapids Camp is one of the best team building venue in Kenya or known as Sagana Camp.

If you are looking for a getaway close to Nairobi, Rapids Camp is the right place because we are only 2hrs away. We are the base for slalom, white water rafting, bungee jumping, team building and camping in Kenya. Our bush meals are available upon booking. Please visit or request a camp brochure for more information. Enjoy our new state of the art conference facilities with a capacity for 200 pax. You can host your conference, workshop while camping in Sagana. Then, raft, kayak or plunge in one of the most amazing rivers in Africa. We are the best in team building. Our Cuisines, bush breakfast is amazing.

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