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Many people ask themselves questions,   when they visit a different country for the first time ,'what will they  see or do with-in the shortest time of been there or stay'! This important questions  sometime are never answered?.So you find people yawning to see or visit the most memerable places in a foreign country!!. 'Eg if your in Dubai, you want to see the tallest building in the world. In China the Great Wall of China ,and in Tanzania Serengeti or even in Kenya the Maasai Mara!!.' But good places sometime may require prior planning, and  therefore there is no time for all ,especially when you haven't visited for leisure. If its  a business trip ,time is the most limited as you want to do accomplish and spend your time to your advantage!. This means, since we have no time to see all in a given country, we need to look for memorable activities with-in the shortest time in that particular country. .Eg It should be near the airport, or even train station to catch a ride soonest after any activity! For individuals who visit Kenya, can take advantage of white water rafting, Bungee, kayaking or even hiking in Sagana ,as there activity destination Sagana is 100Km North if Nairobi or 1hr. 30min From Airport which makes it most convenient destination outside Nairobi. White water rafting,as many know it, is very adventurous and this is something you wouldn't like to miss if you are on a long or short stay in Kenya?. Simple things like plunging the 40ft water fall in Sagana Kenya ,shouldn't pass you by!!Sagana is about 1hr.30min from Nairobi Airport which makes convenient to all travelers. Next time your in Nairobi, Kenya  and your looking for something to do with in OR not far from town, please make a point to visit the Rapids Camp. You can call us on ±254-722308026 . If traveling with children , they will enjoy our activities too . Ghekos, simple activities like river swims, kayaking, nature walks, bird watching should be in your travel schedule.

Boot Camp  for kids in Kenya, can be incorporated as team building programs, to help out children learn certain lessons in life. Our boot camps help children to learn life skills and incorporating competitiveness and drive out laziness by participating

Many have struggled with-in themselves on what kind of holiday they are looking for?. As an adventure consultant in Kenya for many years, I have seen many struggle to define what exactly they were looking for in the hospitality industry? This mix-up is not only in Kenya, but all over the world. Let me be intentional. Preparing a camping trip in Kenya and choosing a bed and breakfast resort is totally different concepts. The concepts are very different from preparation , and the two are totally different in taste. Hotel life ,almost every thing is done for you?From the food  served in the hotel to the breakfast that is prepared by the hotel . You became a spectator? In  the adventure concept you prepare meals youself,and you became a participant other that spectator. You  can plan meals  and who to do your meals ? Sometimes you have to carry your sleeping bag with you away from traditional beds and you sleep under a tent. .Other nitty greety things like carrying Your Own food is a must. Why I like camping or rafting adventure trips in Kenya, you can carry own food that you prefer!. This gives you freedom to carry your own taste, from camping gear to sleeping bags or even meals of your choice!Another advantage is you can reduce your costs  drastically because normally it's  less expensive compared to hotel holiday trip.? You can plan to fit you budget very well especially for adventures.This  allows your family to participate in as many adventures activities without fear of ending in an embarrassing situations,where you find yourself having consumed beyond your planned budget? Another advantage of adventures is that you can prolong your holiday trip with not having to leave in a hurry because of hidden charges normally associated with hotels?.  A holiday without controls is a holiday full of slavery which many people end in to this kind of prison. Good places for camping are available in Sagana, Kenya or even Naivasha. Adventures like  rafting in Kenya, Kayaking Sagana, or even boat trips in Naivasha are common. Affordable activities that your family or Corporate can take advantage ,like team building or bungee
White Water Rafting Kenya
    White Water Rafting Kenya