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Rapids Camp Sagana

Class 2, 3 ,4 and 5 Sagana river

  1. Many adventures are not classified like white water rafting in the world?  On planet earth white water rafting has similar names for various spots down streams,like the devils toilet, captain folly, Rhinoceros buttocks etc. This is to ignite the adrenaline that the sport deserves?
    The thrill that a rafting trip leaves behind can never be explained? Safaris or any holiday vacation cannot produce this excitement called a ‘rush ‘! Unless you participate, you never come close to what you miss in life of outdoors. White water rafting in Kenya, is on its own Class!We start our trips at 9am  or 2pm. White water rafting excursions in Sagana is perfect for you or family. Rafting or Kayaking Sagana is not a myth ,it’s very real . Another point is white water rafting at the Tana river or Sagana is very affordable. With less or about 100 USD can mean a life time experience to any individual?There is some experience that you can not afford to miss in world of holiday making! Depending on our seasons April and May ,we can experience class 5 rapids .Other times is class 2 to 3 .But all classes are fantastic?When  you have opportunity  for a vacation in Kenya, do not hesitate to contact us for bookings. Sagana ,Kenya is only 2hrs from Nairobi Airport.Please contact us on +254 722308026 or732308026 or visit our website on

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