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Rapids Camp Sagana

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Easter Adventure

Easter holidays are just about, but the effects of the excitement are there. Many have plans that will work for them and emotions will go high. Depending on where you spent your time, will affect the out come of your planned activities. Some may spend time in hotels and others camping in different areas. In Kenya excitement is high, with many activities previous recorded in our National parks, game parks  and private camps. White water rafting in Kenya is not left behind with groups cruising the grade 5 rapids on Tana. My observation is wide open and the level of engagement is beyond reasonable doubt  full of fun. The point i want to drive home is that folks are looking for fun. Adventure is witnessed in all this and its amazing, the drive and passion that people have is high. Guys achieve their Easter objectives in a short time.

All this has happened to change the perception of holiday especially in Kenya and East Africa.Next time you have such rare opportunity make sure you became part of the adventure.

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