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Rapids Camp Sagana

Holiday Making. Sagana small holiday tips.

Saving for your holiday shouldn’t be a big deal! Identify the place you want to take your family early enough and adopt a culture of putting aside some money for the purpose. Prepare youself early enough and this saves you from coughing money all at once. You don’t have to feel the pinch by getting your holiday money all at once. If you plan every year to take your family out, you can save small amounts for 11 months?That makes it easy for you to raise holiday money in good time and easy to raise enough .In Kenya the culture of deciding the last minute is still with us. .Many still make the last minute decision which sometimes can put you in booking problems, like lack good or enough room  or place to put up your family during holidays. Rapids Camp Sagana allows individuals to pay small amounts of money in a structured way to make sure that you enjoy you holiday without stress. Develop a early saving culture to overcome holiday huddles. Lack of enough money for a Simple camping holiday in Kenya or even white water rafting trip down the Tana can be thing of the past, if you apply the technic of raising funds early enough.

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