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Ingredients of successful Team

Most corporate that do team building outdoors have a mission in mind, to have a successful team that can work together. Let’s look at owners of business and what they want to be achieved.

Hard Work

Hard work is important because this is seen in result ,especially in the sales teams.


The ability of teams working together as one team is very important toward the success of a team or  corporate organisation!

Flexible teams

Flexible team members achieve alot because they exercise abilty to adopt new ideas or changes.


Less or almost nothing is mentioned on a team been honest. In the modern society honestly is becoming core to any successful business. With honest employees and team building or workshop cannot achieve much. In Kenya, it’s no longer business as usual for business in desperation for smart and honest comrades especially in Kenya which is an emerging economy.

Keep Time

Another team building in kenya trait is the abilty of folks to keep time. Many companies have seen improvement in time management, but still struggle with how effective to use that time to the advantage of a business.Effective time management can never be over emphasized in today’s modern society . Ability to keep appointments, timely response to emails or even the speed to answer or address queries.

Team building in Kenya


Leadership has been defined differently, by many good leadership publishers all over the world. Many are now confused on which book speaks about the best leadership available in the market. Before you become effective leader, you must  learn to follow the above principals .Little things in life count alot to how effective a team can go. So when you search for team building activities for your team try to emphasize your team building goals to achieve the above.

Rapids Camp will always tailor make team building program in Kenya that address weakness in small and medium Enterprises.


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