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Rapids Camp Sagana

Saving little Money every day can give you a life time Experience

When you think of a holiday, money always comes first in your mind.That tells you that probably a huge saving is required?This not always true to holiday travelers.Long-term planning should never be underestimated but again it should never be given that big attention. It is not always true that good destination for travelers is expensive.Some of the destinations require one day or even hrs to plan a visit.Its that simple with no or little resources .As a traveler, you might have visited various parts of Kenya.

However, Sagana which lies a 100km North of Nairobi, paradise for travelers as it offers Bungee,Ziplining, rafting and hiking all under one roof. Holiday in Sagana can be a memorable experience as there is various activities to do in Sagana, Kenya. Rapids Camp being award-winning camp and one the most visited destination in Kenya offers such Experience.Sagana offers  travel solutions for people with different interests. Camping is always the alternative to very expensive accomadation, especially during Holiday Season.It is very affordable and instill lasting experience.As a traveler always look at affordable and yet that Icon Experience that you have been yearning for!

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