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Rapids Camp Sagana

team building Boot camp

Boot Camp  for kids in Kenya, can be incorporated as team building programs, to help out children learn certain lessons in life. Our boot camps help children to learn life skills and incorporating competitiveness and drive out laziness by participating in various changing and fun activities.  We have several boot camp providers in Kenya, but our programs are carefully crafted to fit both the Kenyan and non resident child. Rapids Camp trainers, add value to children by doing multi -day activities and helping out children in various  life experiences


We wake up early morning, and kids do a morning Jog.Water activities which are very safe are used to bring out various lessons, and a child is able to measure themselves and  make improvements in different areas of life. Our activities are Water-based activities, Ground activities, team building activities, and life skills activities ,hiking and farm trips. Are you looking for team building in Kenya for children, ask for RAPIDS BOOT CAMP catalogues.

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