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Rapids Camp Sagana


Kenyans are a breed on their own planet literarily. Once someone said Kenya is the African Israel to mean a land of wonders in the midst of the political desert. Kenya has been a center of world tourism with most agencies tourism being safari Tourism.  With intensified efforts of agencies like Tembea Kenya to promote local tourism after politics scaring international tourists, something is happening.
The local market is opening up to tourism. According to the Saffir Report of September on how Kenyans Travel, 31 % of Kenyans travel quarterly while 31 % travel when possible and 20 % make tour travels monthly. The report also shows that Kenyans prefer to spend one to three nights in a place at a go. At Rapids camp Sagana, we understand these demographics and that is why we have packages for one to three nights like the Adrenaline Junkie, Multiday Activities, and Tumbukiza deal.
We also offer adventure deals where the market is shifting to from Safari Tourism. Our deals are available on our social media platforms, which Kenyans prefer most. All our activities are adventurous for instance; our accommodation is purely a camping adventure where our

client spends their night in tents. A night at Rapids Camp is very interesting, you can spend it doing moonlight walk or a bonfire with your friends and family compared to spending it in a lodge watching television. The scenery is always one of the prerequisites for lodging in a hotel. Try Rapids Camp Sagana and we will surprise you with the amazing natural looks and struggle of the waterfall at our site.
For reservations and accommodation, book with us at or call +254722308026 or +254732308026 and enjoy your home far away from home.


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