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Camping Kenya

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Camping Kenya

Ksh2200 per person

STARTING FROM Ksh2,200 TO Ksh7,000

Due to its location in Kenya, right by the river, the green landscape and its very own  Rapids waterfalls that roar with might. Rapids Camp remains a perfect place for budget camping, to relax and just spend time communing with nature in Sagana Kenya. Sagana is about 2 hrs drive, north of Nairobi ,Kenya. Rapids Camp was voted by travelstart magazine as one of the great places for camping in Kenya . The landscaping is ideal for pitching tents and is well facilitated with moveable barbeque grills – so you do not totally have to rough it out in the wild. There are various viewpoints overlooking the impressive Rapids falls as well as the scenic surrounding that you can watch and let the tranquillity of the outdoors take you over. Camping in Sagana , Kenya, also includes other fun activities like nature walks that you can enjoy both during the day and at night. You also get to enjoy a bush breakfast as you continue to soak in the magnificence of the landscape. Rapids Camp enjoys partnerships with Camping associations, Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Forest Services,Muranga County Gorvement and ministry of tourism. The beauty of the place, makes it one of the Kenya best camping destination in Kenya.

There is ample security during your nature walks offered by our experienced guides. There is also ample and secure parking for small and big vehicles. We also do camping in Muranga , Mathioya river, Abardare forest, Camping Mt Kenya and Mwea rice trips. To families camping in Kenya, Rapids Camp remains commited to giving you best service. Please try camping in Sagana Kenya and see the difference.Rapids camp offers the best team building, camping, picnicing  in Kenya.

Rapids Bazuka  Tents Sagana



Rapids has 16 tented Bazuka tents which have double beds. Either you can sleep in single or double depending with the groups choice.All our tents can  be pitched next to the Sagana  river.Rapids Camp  is unique spot for Water sports in Kenya, but also the only place your Camping gear is pitched either next to the largest waterfall in terms of volume in Kenya or next to the amazing sagana rapids that gives you the very relaxing atmostphere that you have always been looking for?.The tents can be pitched near the river especially for honey mooners and universaries, which is tailor made to suit different groups.Those with very young children can still be alowed to choose their sweet spots for the  tents be  piched.Sweet Delicacious are served next to the tents with 2 to 3 seats and a small table provided for! .The Rapids Bazuka tents are  good for corporate strategy meetings,Families ,honey mooners, short term trips to Sagana Kenya.Rapids camp is a getway to Mt Kenya and you can always have a night out as you proceed  to other destinations South of Equator .We are affordable and we provide excellent service!.See you next time at to the Rapids Camp.For waters sports folk who would want to pitch Tent at the Rapids  and enjoy the thrill of camping as they do the kayaking.

Rapids Camp Bazuka tents can be good for

Team building corporate clientele in Kenya.

Honey mooners and just got married couples to enjoy WIFI on request.

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5+ Age
Adventure Activities You Can Do While Camping In Sagana
1. Team building Camping This is a night out  at our camp ,were corporate groups use their time to achieve startegic goals .Rapids Camp due to it unique location provides space for strategy meetings ,brain storming and every body can express freely their mind to achieve desired goals.Groups can achieve this either by self facilitation or request for a facilitator from our camp.We have enough dome tents for that purpose or you could still camp in our luxirious Bazuka Tents .Rapids Camp has more relaxing enviroment with less distraction from the hussel and bussel of the city and only 1.30hrs away from  Nairobi. 2. Birth-day parties and Camping trips Sagana,Kenya. Days of birthday parties  being celebrated at  home or in  the city are long gone ,and the focus has change to full day programs  birthday parties or even night out birthday parties where groups assemble with a little dance at night to celebrate!.We also advocate for surprise day parties were you are meant to surprise folk with gifts and bashes that they dont expect?.Rapids camp cake cutting facing the waterfall is very amazing  as no other camp in Kenya offers that?.Groups can't wait driving down the Sagana Rapids.Our non alcohol policy has attracted families ,churches ,schools that would like to have the fun days in Kenya. We provide our Dunga truck for evening rice fields drives for only a small fee. 3. Sagana wedding universary night outings and Camping. Rapids Camp has tailor made universary outings to couples that want to add favour in the marraige by providing alternative accomodation away from traditional. Spouses  spend in tents away from the normal stay.Camping in Sagana Rapids has become a different spice time to marriages.The reason our set up is a life time experience?. Folk also do arrange for thier own parents surprise feast at the camp .The camp will be happy to provide logistics for the so called surprise day!. 4.Chamas or Organized groups Kenya Rapids Camp has a camp kitchen that facilitates,beberques for groups or chamas that want quiet time to brain storm.Chamas,women groups ,fathers and sons program can all enjoy at the Sagana Rapids. 5.Adventure Kenya at Sagana Camp! If you are just looking to have fun adventure trip just try us?.Many Kenyans have come to appreciate  nature in our country and Sagana is place to visit.Tourism was perceived as  a preserve of the foreigners but the locals have both now invested in the tourism sector .

 Sagana Bed & Breakfast – Relaxing Mood

Rapids Camp Sagana is one of the most beautiful places in Kenya.  The ambience of the Rapids waterfall soothes you and leaves you with one of the best experiences. Be it a holiday of one night or a whole five days, the sound of the waterfall keeps you feeling fresh.  Our Bazuka Tents can be pitched within the area of your choice as opposed to other camps where tents are permanently done leaving clients with little option or no alternative for change of location. The tents can be pitched right next to the Tana River(Sagana river), near the Men’s Bathroom area, near the waterfalls, or near the river swim pool.  You can also decide to have your tents with beds right by the Rapids Boulders.  This is such an amazing experience.

Adventure tourism Kenya

With game still leading in terms of tourist numbers ,adventure tourism is the fastest growing tourism sector in the World.  Kenya has great potential in adventure too with now activities like rafting Bungee, Kayaking, Mountannering, camping in Kenya growing fast. Rapids Camp continues to focus on adventure having very unique  activities in the country.Both local and international markets is growing in terms of adventure. Sagana Kenya is a perfect example of adventure and very accessible from Nairobi which is a 2hr drive.We also host groups  of motor bike riders from South Africa and other parts of Africa that come to adventure different places and Sagana Camp has been a great place to host the adrenaline junkies.With now the new eastern by bass in place ,it has very accessible from JKIA airport.
Camping Packages For Rapids Camp
Our camping packages can be categorized to suite all individuals or even groups. We do have outdoor mixed blends in Sagana. Camping and White Water Rafting Sagana The above is growing and enthusiasts too are finding Tana river outdoors exciting?. Take advantage of our camping combined with white water rafting. Canoe slalom is also be included in the overnight parkage.canoe Slalom starts from 9am to 5pm.How long and the routes to be taken in the river is the preserve of the camp, but be discussed with the client. This will depend with water levels? Camping and Team building in Sagana You are taken through by qualified police check coaches. Guys arrive at the camp and orientation is conducted by the team leader. Most teams arrive early in the morning ,then facilitation of teambuilding carried out the whole day. Then you relax and enjoy. Departures are after after breakfast for night campers. All our meals are either bed and breakfast ,half board or full board basis . Barbeques can also be arranged on prior request. Camping to relax in cool breeze of Rapids Falls Relaxing at any camp is good .But when you sleep under the roar of the Rapids waterfall is amazing! If you are alone or even two or a group of ten or more can be very interesting night. Bonfire next to a water fall in its nature is very amazing. Camping and Family team building in Sagana Camping in Sagana has become a big thing in the country.Its no longer the days that people just spend their holidays in the country side or up country. Famliies have adventure as part of the outdoors. children can enjoy during Holiday or weekends.We have excellent packages for families at Rapids Camp.

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